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The Portrait in Clay - by Peter Rubino


Animal Anatomy for Artists - By Eliot Goldfinger


The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci Vol. 2


The Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci Vol. 1


Leonardo DaVinci Drawings


Michelangelo Life Drawings- Book


Carving Wood and Stone by Arnold Prince


The Book of Wood Carving By Charles Marshall Sayers


Methods for Modern Sculptors by Ronald Young


Sculpture: Principles and Practice by Louis Slobodkin


Modeling the Head in Clay by Bruno Lucchesi- Book


Modeling the Figure in Clay by Bruno Lucchesi- Book


Terracotta - Book by Bruno Lucchesi


Human Anatomy for Artists - Goldfinger Book


Figure Sculpture in Wax & Plaster-Book


A Handbook of Anatomy for Art Students-Book


Modeling & Sculpting Animals-Book


Modeling & Sculpting the Human Figure Book



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