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About Us

About Sculpture House Casting

Our History

Sculpture House Casting was founded in the early part of the twentieth century to fulfill the growing need for highly skilled craftsmen in the art foundry field.

It has it's roots deeply entrenched in sculpture and the arts. Our founder was Alex J. Ettl, the son of a immigrant sculptor. Mr. Ettl earned his apprenticeship in his fathers sculpture studio, working on many sculptures at the same time.

At the time, the only way to get sculpture cast was to send it back to Europe. Our company recognized the need for quality, high-skilled casting services and built a foundry in the heart of New York City.

It was during the lean years of our nations development that Mr. Ettl realized that sculptors were abundant and that it was very difficult to earn a living as one. For this reason he developed a catalog of tools and supplies for sculptors (something that was not available in this country at the time). A casting studio was maintained to satisfy the needs of sculptors who used the supplies.

Sculpture House Casting has been, and is, one of the cradles of fertile ideas and artistic expression. Noted sculptors still gather to purchase supplies, and toss around self-evaluations and ideas regarding the development of current and proposed maquettes. We have guided and assisted many a artist over the years. Many current professional art producers and restorers got their start at Sculpture House Casting.

Under Mr. Ettl's guided and leadership, the current ownership was nurtured and developed. For four generations their artistic capabilities and sensitivities for the arts has been fine tuned as we are ready to take Sculpture House Casting into it's eightieth year.

Today we serve as a supplier of tools and supplies through this website, and our warehouse in New York City. Our artisans and craftsment continue fine plaster and foundry work. Find out more about our casting work at

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